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Are you a Court Reporter who wants to save time, energy, and money? Are you looking for someone who is reliable, consistent, and accurate? Are you in need of a trustworthy proofreader to put the shine on your finished product, or perhaps you need a competent scopist? If so, you've come to the right place. I'm your go-to girl!

My job is to make your job easier and to make you look good when I'm done. You can be confident that I'll work diligently to uphold your reputation as a trusted professional. Make the right choice by putting my work ethic to work for you.

What you can count on if you choose me?

What type of errors do I look for?

I will carefully read every word looking for consistency, formatting, spelling, transposed words or phrases, punctuation, capitalization, missing words, extra words, word usage. Additionally, I will also do light research and fact checking to ensure accuracy.

My goal is to consider readability and consistency combined with respect for your individual preferences to improve the transcript quality by catching errors while remaining true to the spoken word.

The end result will be a polished and professional finished document that you can turn in with confidence and pride.